Welcome to your international Holiday and Travel Club!

If you want to save money on your next holiday, then join the Holiday and Travel Club! We offer member discounts for travel locally or around the world - and we will organise your travel for you!

Join the club for a $25 annual membership fee, and put money aside each week into our trust account. The money you save is yours, and you can use this at any time on a holiday of your choice. 

Companion travel!

If you are wanting someone to travel with, the Holiday and Travel Club can help you! We can match you to like-minded people with similar interests, and a similar age, so you don't have to travel alone. We can find you a perfect travelling companion.

Save a little to Save a lot!!

Everyone loves a holiday or travel, be it small, as in locally based, or international. The club's role is to help members save for as many breaks, holiday adventures, accommodation deals, etc they would like. Yes, it can be as small as a weekend in a nice local hotel to local tours. Or it could be a lavish 30 day cruise somewhere in the world!! There are no rules as to what you want, but try to be sure others will too, as the more we have, the better the enhancements to your savings we can achieve.

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